Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping

Vancouver parking lot sweeper

Here at Ultra-Tech Cleaning Systems we are equipped with some of the most modern parking lot sweepers to keep your properties clean and safe.

By setting up a maintenance plan you will never have to think about it as it will be scheduled in at a time that works for you and your tenants. Not only do clean parking lots have a strong curb appeal but they bring in new business and help retain your current tenants. To do this properly you need to have the right equipment and trained staff.

Parkade Cleaning Vancouver
We understand that building owners and landlords need to keep their properties looking clean and well managed. Part of that work is parkade cleaning. A clean parkade is one of the first areas that a visitor or potential tenant sees when they enter a building so our intention is to keep it pristine and looking clean.

Our parkade cleaning services include metro vancouver and the surrounding areas.